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Around the AFC North: Ravens Terrell Suggs Looking To Make Debut This Weekend

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Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs could make one of the more impressive recoveries from an Achilles tear in history if he plays this weekend against the Houston Texans.

Patrick Smith

The Houston Texans are hosting the Baltimore Ravens at Reliant Stadium this weekend, featuring an epic battle between the only teams in the AFC sporting a winning record. Let that sink momentarily. Of the 16 teams in the American Football Conference, seven (including the Bengals) are at .500; the remaining seven round out the conference with two wins or less. Parity, mediocrity, call it what you will but there are log jams across the board and literally anyone, including the Bengals, are more then welcome to get their act together and run away with this thing.

Or the Ravens could place their foot on the proverbial throat and crush the competition. Despite Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb being placed on Injured Reserve, Terrell Suggs could make his season debut this weekend in Houston, according to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

Despite returning to practice only Wednesday from a torn Achilles in April, Ravens LB Terrell Suggs is targeting and expecting to play Sunday versus Houston, according to league sources. Sources said that even Suggs’ family and friends have plans to travel to Houston in anticipation of watching him stage one of the quickest returns from this type of significant injury that any athlete ever has. "Yes, that’s still the plan," one source texted today.

Torn Achilles in April. Returns in October. That's roughly six months. Comparatively speaking Leon Hall made an insanely quick recovery for such a serious injury as well, tearing his Achilles against the Steelers in mid-November, returning for the first session of training camp, roughly eight months. Hall played every preseason game and has since ditched the rust and looked far better today than he has all season.