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NFL Week Seven Television Coverage In Cincinnati

The Bengals play a national game but there's several others to watch before Cincinnati kicks off on NBC at 8:20 PM.


Since the Cincinnati Bengals will be playing before a national audience during NBC's Sunday Night Football, there's really no reason to provide a map for the entire country for coverage. Save for random bouts of Lee Greenwood moments of course, in the back of a pickup truck.

That being said those of us in the Cincinnati region have a full slate of games Sunday afternoon, allowing some of us Time Warner noobs to finally enjoy the NFL Red Zone channel in its entirety. At this rate I've mostly seen late afternoon games, but I'm too caught-up anyway reflecting on the Bengals games. Yet not everyone has the NFL Red Zone.

CBS has the double-header Sunday with Baltimore at Houston early, followed by the New York Jets at New England Patriots. The Fox game throughout the entire state of Ohio and most of the Northeast region of the United States of America will have the Washington Redskins at New York Giants. All games on Fox are being shown at 1 PM due to this baseball thing.

To see what games are being played in your area, go to (or just click the link).