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Bengals Waive CB Chris Lewis-Harris And Re-sign TE Richard Quinn

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The Cincinnati Bengals signed tight end Richard Quinn back to the 53-man roster and waived cornerback Chris Lewis-Harris.

US Presswire © Matthew Emmons

The Cincinnati Bengals announced on Tuesday that they've waived cornerback Chris Lewis-Harris and re-signed tight end Richard Quinn.

The move, or a similar move, was somewhat expected.

Cincinnati needed an extra body in the secondary and special teams to account for the injuries suffered by Leon Hall, Nate Clements and Jason Allen, all of whom missed Sunday's game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Yet they needed a spot on the 53-man roster. So they released Richard Quinn last week and promoted Lewis-Harris from the practice squad.

However we probably haven't seen the last of Lewis-Harris. Once he clears waivers, we're fairly certain that the team re-signs him to the practice squad. And it's as if nothing changed from last week.

Now the Bengals have a full compliment of tight ends. More importantly this should be a sign pointing towards the belief that the secondary is getting healthier.