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SB Nation Pick 6: Week Four Winners

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The winners for the Pick 6 Fantasy Football game are out.

Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Congratulations to Mr. Green-Ellis for beating everyone at Cincy Jungle during week four's Pick 6 contest. However a piece of advice. If you weren't so worried about Fantasy Football, perhaps it would allow you time to work on securing the football -- especially during goalline situations. Just saying. More on this week's standings in a moment.

Pick 6 is offering a bargain basement week with the prices on so many players being lower than normal. C'mon. See if you're shopping skills can outwit yours truly. As the great Det. Alonzo Harris says, "I run sh** around here. You just live here."

Also a reminder to get your picks in before Thursday Night's game. And if you haven't played before, the door is open. There is no yearly points system, it's all weekly. So you can join today, fill out your roster and win this week and be remembered throughout the Halls of Cincy Jungle until the end of time.

Now. Week four winners.

1 Mr. Green-Ellis 102.8
2 MacSteep 94.8
3 Bleeds_stripes 84.4
4 GoldenDomer 79.9
5 Oregonbengalsfan 79.2
6 jngrossman 78.1
7 joecincy07 77.4
8 Benovan Stanchiano 77.4
9 Duelin Dalton 76.2
10 houshyapoppa 74.1
11 Andrew Fox Miller 73.5
12 kroy19 72.5
13 gtstamp 72.4
14 Who Dey1 71.4
15 WHYUS!! 70.7
16 keithster 70.2
17 dlittle58 70.1
18 70sav 68.6
19 bengalbowl 68.4
20 lbacker2179 68.1