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Cincinnati Bengals Granted Deadline Extension To Sellout Against The Miami Dolphins

The Bengals are home and they're hosting the Miami Dolphins, which hasn't sold out just yet.

Chris Trotman - Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals are playing at home this weekend against an opponent that may not draw crowds based out of Ohio. Despite the fact this young team keeps building on last year with an excitable group that includes A.J. Green and Andrew Hawkins, the issues selling out games in Cincinnati sticks like a toothache.

The team announced on Tuesday that they've secured an extension for Sunday's game against the Miami Dolphins. That means instead of the usual Thursday deadline, roughly 72 hours before kickoff, the Bengals have until Friday at 4 PM to sellout Paul Brown Stadium and show the game on television. Right now the Bengals have a two-game sellout streak, dating back to the season finale last year against the Baltimore Ravens.

Generally speaking when the league grants a team a deadline to sellout games, it means it's very likely to happen based on the tickets available and the rate they're being sold. It just needed a little time.