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NFL SUNDAY OPEN THREAD: Anxiously Waiting Before The Bengals Kickoff

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Waiting anxiously before the Bengals and Steelers kickoff Sunday night, there will be 10 games being played during the afternoon.

Patrick McDermott

When the Cincinnati Bengals kickoff at (approximately) 8:20 PM Sunday Night, 11 games in the NFL will have been played, including ten on Sunday's schedule which feature:

Titans at Bills (1:00)
Cowboys at Panthers (1:00)
Ravens at Texans (1:00)
Browns at Colts (1:00)
Cardinals at Vikings (1:00)
Redskins at Giants (1:00)
Packers at Rams (1:00)
Saints at Buccaneers (1:00)
Jets at Patriots (4:25)
Jaguars at Raiders (4:25)