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Jeff Faine On Sideline With Injured Hamstring; Rookie Trevor Robinson In At Center

After the Bengals lost Kyle Cook for an extended period of time, they signed 10-year veteran Jeff Faine. Faine has started every game so far this season, but is now on the sidelines due to what the announcers called a hamstring injury. When the camera showed him on the sidelines, he was standing there without his helmet on but didn't appear to be worked on by the medical staff.

Robinson, the backup center and right guard, was an undrafted free agent out of Notre Dame. He stands at 6-foot-5 and weighs 305 pounds. He played in all four preseason games, and saw action after week three on special teams. It is currently unclear as to whether or not Faine will be back in this game or not, and if he isn't it's likely the Steelers defense will likely try to pick on Robinson to pressure Dalton.

This is the kind of opportunity that allow college free agents the opportunity to shine in the NFL and show why they deserved to be drafted. Stay tuned for updates on Faine's injury.