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Cincinnati Bengals Host Former Jaguars And Colts RB Deji Karim

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The Cincinnati Bengals scheduled at least two workouts on Monday with WR Brian Robiskie and RB Deji Karim.

Sam Greenwood

Reported earlier on Monday that the Cincinnati Bengals worked out a couple of players, the only known name was former Browns and Jaguars wide receiver Brian Robiskie. Another player that worked out on Monday named, after confirming that Robiskie was in town Monday afternoon, was running back Deji Karim according to Joe Reedy with the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Alright. I get it. Not exactly what you were hoping for and at the emotional state most Bengals fans are feeling right now, not necessarily the most cared for piece of information. But we trudge through the thickest mud to cleanse winless October away (kind of high-jacked that phrase from Marvin Lewis).

Karim has played 23 games in two seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars, generating 290 yards rushing on 98 carries and no touchdowns. Before swan-diving off the Brent Spence Bridge that they're looking at such an unproductive running back, think special teams first (kickoff returner?)

It's not known if either player left Cincinnati with a contract offer, but we suspect no and that Cincinnati was, at best, just priming their off week with a set of workouts to get a handle on what's out there and who can help where. We suspect there's more on tap.