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Veterans of Cincinnati: San Diego Chargers Sign Kashif Moore To Practice Squad

Former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver -- at least for a few months -- was recently out of work and signed on Monday to the San Diego Chargers practice squad.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Undrafted free agent rookie wide receiver Kashif Moore at one point turned into a strong candidate full of training camp discussions that could fill an encyclopedia regarding collective unknowns for the wide receiver position that A.J. Green wouldn't occupy. Who would be the No. 2 (we're still asking), where would Jordan Shipley fit in (he wouldn't), will Andrew Hawkins have an increased role (yes) and are they seriously looking at Brandon Tate as a legitimate option?

Though Moore would only play three preseason games, posting one reception for five yards, the Bengals put him on waivers. He was subsequently claimed the next day by the Indianapolis Colts, released during final cuts, joining the Colts practice squad.

Moore didn't last, released from the Colts practice squad in early September.

On Monday the San Diego Chargers signed the former Bengals and Colts receiver, who was once described as a possible gem if he worked out, to their team's practice squad.