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Week 7 Fantasy Football Recap of Bengals Players and Buy/Sell Advice

With the Bye Week looming, we take a look at both Week 7 fantasy football performances and Buy/Sell advice for Bengals players.

Andy Lyons

The struggles on the field for the Bengals Sunday night have finally translated into poor fantasy performances across the board for Bengals players, unlike previous weeks. Even with frustrating losses against the Miami Dolphins and Cleveland Browns, there were plenty of great individual performances that translated into fantasy value. I wish I could say the same for Week Seven. With a Bye Week looming for Week Eight, let's take a look at who you should be buying, selling, dropping or keeping as we approach midseason.

Buy Low

Andy Dalton, heading into Week Seven as the eighth-highest scoring fantasy quarterback for the season, finished as the 24th-best quarterback. Unfortunately for fantasy owners, Dalton's schedule doesn't get any easier in the coming weeks, but he's an interesting Buy Low candidate if you could us a great match up quarterback as your QB2. Take a look at your starting quarterback's bye weeks or difficult matchups. Dalton has some tasty opponents in the Chiefs, Raiders, and Chargers through November and early December.

Hang On

Normally I'd consider BenJarvus Green-Ellis a running back worth selling to someone who desperately needs any starting running back in your league. However, most managers should be smart enough to realize that Green-Ellis' value isn't trending in the right direction anytime soon. In standard scoring, Green-Ellis is 22nd on the season among running backs. At this point, it may be more advantageous to hang on to Green-Ellis in hopes for a few big weeks to inflate his value. If you're struggling in other positions, however, it can't hurt to get a feel for league demand.

A.J. Green was held to one reception for eight yards, though fortunately a touchdown for fantasy owners. Green still stands as the highest scoring wide receiver in fantasy football. Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz is just several overall points below Green, and has surpassed Green in PPR leagues. Every wide receiver has their down weeks, and hopefully this will be one of few for Green.

Jermaine Gresham is still a fringe Top-10 tight end on the season so far. He only generated 1.9 fantasy points in standard scoring for Week Seven, but hasn't lost nor gained much value from his performance. Hang on to Gresham for now and hope for the best.


Even Mike Nugent struggled in fantasy football. Nugent converted one field goal and two extra point attempts. It was his lowest scoring week on the season. Nugent and the Bengals are headed on a bye week, and I wouldn't hesitate to drop him for another kicker to set up your Week 8 roster. Few kickers are worth keeping during a bye week, and Nugent is no exception.

Unfortunately, every other wide receiver on the Bengals roster did little to generate fantasy points, and all should be considered a bench player until the Bengals figure their offense out. Heading into the bye week, I'd recommend dropping any wide receiver not named A.J. Green if you need the roster space. If you're an Andrew Hawkins owner, it couldn't hurt to try trading him to a Cincinnati fan with clouded judgment, but odds are you'll find similar value in free agency.

The Bengals defense was just outside of the Top 10 fantasy defenses for Week 7. Much like Nugent, however, I'd have no problem with dropping Cincinnati for a favorable Week 8 matchup during the Bengals bye week. They're barely a top 20 defense on the season, facing some tough offenses over the next few weeks. One recommendation for Week 8 would be Detroit's defense, who faces Seattle and is owned in 29% of Yahoo! leagues.

Keep an eye on Cincy Jungle next week for our Week 9 Bengals fantasy football projections. In the meantime, discuss your Week 8 fantasy football dilemmas here.