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NFL Week Eight Power Rankings: It's The Twenty Or Nothing Crowd

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If the Bengals wanted to reach the 20s in the power rankings, all they needed to do was win three straights games against teams sporting a losing record.

The Cincinnati Bengals didn't suffer a great decline after their 24-17 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Hell Pete Prisco moved the Bengals up from No. 18 to 17 after the loss. Thanks bro. Of all the comments though, Brian Billick's is fueled with the homerun hitting punch:

The Bengals are in desperate need of a second threat opposite AJ Green. I'm baffled as to why that person can't be Jermaine Gresham. He has all the skills but can't seem to put it all together on a consistent basis.

We know, Brian. We know.

Cincinnati's average (among the rankings that we're monitoring) reaches the big 20.

SB Nation 18 17 19 18
CBS Sports (Pete Prisco) 17 18
ESPN 22 21
Fox Sports (Brian Billick) 20 19
Pro Football Talk 19 18
Pro Football Weekly 23 20
Associated Press 22 20
AVG. 20 18.9