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Revealing Tuesday's Trivia: And How To Work The Clues For The Answer

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We gave away tickets on Tuesday through a series of clues. We reveal the answer of those clues and the overall answer.


On Tuesday we handed out another free set of tickets to the next Bengals home game. It's an honor to do so saying thanks to our loyal readers, hoping that those that have benefited from the giveaway at least enjoyed themselves.

Recently we changed the format. Instead of doing a Who Am I, which turned into an assault of name dropping the Cincy Jungle mailbox, we decided to offer a little difficulty to the questions. Something that requires thought, not as easy as conducting an intuitive Google search.

Yet the questions are difficult and to ensure that people understand the structure, we wanted to spend a moment going through the latest question and reveal the answer publicly. First your task is answer a series of clues, or mini-trivia questions if you will. Let's go through them.

Clue #1 - Something is missing (and it's not what's missing, it's who went there)
Ohio State
San Diego St.

We're not going to make the question impossible. This is Cincinnati's starting offensive roster from the 1981 Super Bowl season. Now if you coordinate the starting roster, you'll note that the 11th player is missing is rather significant. The school that's missing is Augustana, which is the school of quarterback Ken Anderson. Now put Anderson into your memory; we'll recall it in a moment.

Clue #2 - same rule as Clue #1
Iowa St.
Holy Cross
North Carolina

Same as above. There is a significant player missing from the roster that lists the starting offensive lineup during the 1988 Super Bowl season. Notice that Boomer Esiason's school of Maryland is missing? He's the answer to the second clue.

Clue #3 - Did you figure out Clues No. 1 & No. 2? The answers to Clues No. 1 and No. 2 make up two-thirds of 1984. The answer to Clue No. 3 will be who belongs in that group.

In 1984 the Cincinnati Bengals had three starting quarterbacks. Anderson, Esiason and Turk Schonert. Now your answer to Clue No. 3 is Turk Schonert.

Clue #4 -
____, Yellow, Green (An everyday pattern, top to bottom)
Left, ______
___ Keys on a Piano

Fill in the blanks. Red is the first color of that sequence, being a traffic light. Right is the opposite of left. There's 88 keys on a piano. The answer is Red Right 88, a play called during Cleveland's loss to the Oakland Raiders in the 1981 playoffs. From Wikipedia:

Trailing 14-12 with less than a minute remaining in the game, the Browns had the ball on the Raiders 13-yard line and were in position for a potential game-winning field goal. Browns quarterback Brian Sipe called a time out and conferred with head coach Sam Rutigliano, who called a pass play, "Red Right 88" and instructed Sipe to "throw it into Lake Erie" if the play was anything less than wide open.[1] On the ensuing play, Sipe chose to force a pass to tight end Ozzie Newsome. However, the pass was intercepted in the end zone by Raiders defensive back Mike Davis who had cut in front of Newsome's square in pass route, putting an end to the Browns season.

The Answer: You need to tell me the player from Clue No. 3. Then the player that's synonymous with Clue No. 4.(His position will be consistent with Clues No. 1-3) Then tell me what the player in Clue No. 3 has in common with the player in Clue No. 4. And be specific, sports fan, something more than just football (but still sports).

The player from Clue No. 3 is Turk Schonert. The player that's synonymous with Clue No. 4 (position consistent with the first three clues being quarterback) is Brian Sipe. What did they have in common? They both played in the Little League World Series.

Now you have a basic idea for the remaining trivias for the rest of the season.