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Cincy Jungle's "Unsung Hero Of The Week Award": Week Seven

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Despite a heart-breaking loss, we give out this week's "Unsung Hero of the Week" Award. There were only a handful of nominees on our end, so cast your vote and sound off on your winner!

Andy Lyons

Due to some unfortunate injuries and players being placed on the inactive list, there were a handful of players that were pressed into a bigger role than they were used to. Because of that, one would think that think that this would be an easy week to pinpoint nominees for our "Unsung Hero of the Week Award". Unfortunately, given the uninspired performance of the club, it wasn't the case.

We did manage to come up with a few nominees for the award. To clarify once again, the "Unsung Hero of the Week Award" is different from the Most Valuable Player award in that we

We start on the offensive side of the ball with BenJarvus Green-Ellis. He had one of his better performances of the 2012 season with 18 carries for 69 yards. While it's not all that impressive at first blush, Green-Ellis attempted to set the tone for the game on the first drive. On that initial drive which led to a touchdown, Green-Ellis had 44 yards rushing. Perhaps the most impressive run was a one-yarder on fourth and one to continue the 15-play marathon drive.

Sticking on offense, rookie wide receiver had his biggest overall impact on a game, the deep pass against Washington not withstanding. He was integrated in the offense's gameplan this week and made some tough catches. Finishing with three catches for 27 yards, he also added a rush attempt for seven yards. Sanu has displayed the ability to run, pass and catch at the NFL level, so let's hope that his integration continues.

We decided to go a different route, though. Kick returner/wide receiver Brandon Tate did his part in helping the offense out all Sunday evening. With the new rules regarding kickoffs hindering many returners' ability to make big plays. Tate had a number of good returns on the evening with a 36-yard average and a long of 45 yards. He put the Bengals offense in good field position a number of times, even though the offense squandered those opportunities. Tate also added one reception for three yards.

Who gets your vote for the week seven "Unsung Hero of the Week Award"?