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Finally! Vox Media Gaming Website Polygon Goes Live

In partnership with Vox Media, the highly anticipated Polygon website goes live.

David Banks

After reaching my mid-30s, where we've been told that we may have outgrown trick 'er treating, one easily concludes that my formative years were during a time often referred to as the Golden Age of Arcade Video Games. During foggy weekend mornings in Minnesota, my father walked me to the nearest arcade, where we'd bury bags of quarters into the game of the week. Eventually Atari made its introduction into our home with the 2600, leading to the the legendary NES -- I was a seven-year old Mario sprinting through levels to save Princess Toadstool, who apparently lives in the most insecure kingdom in the history of Earth.

Super Nintendo, N64, Xbox, Xbox 360, Playstation, you name it, I owned it. And despite being less than six months away from my 35th birthday, earlier this week I purchased Resident Evil 6 and preordered Assassin's Creed 3 and Halo 4 without so much as needing a review -- I've played their predecessors and decided to buy them the day they were announced.

Now some might say, I don't have time for video games. Fine. Feel sad for you, but it's all good. But look at it this way, the story and presentation of games today have become superior to most Hollywood movies, with the length of time it would take watching a great series on AMC. Think of it on that scale, plug in the Mass Effect series and kick Geth ass.

So it's with some giddy enthusiasm that Vox Media officially rolled out their new gaming website called The Polygon, a site reviewing and previewing video games, as well as backgrounds on those that make the games. For those of us gaming enthusiasts, young and old, put The Polygon on your to-do list every day (under Cincy Jungle of course).