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Former Bengals Fan Says That You're Not A Real Bengals Fan

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The once Bengals fan who sold his manhood fandom to the Pittsburgh Steelers talks with the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Chris Trotman

"If you’re a diehard fan, and you’ve never felt even remotely like doing what I did – if you never wondered as a Bengals fan, ‘what the heck am I doing still rooting for this team?’ – then you aren’t a real fan. You’re a casual fan. Your Mondays aren’t ruined. I got tired of having my Mondays ruined."
- Brett Kostoff, former Cincinnati Bengals fan

How this guy receives more commentary from ESPN and the Cincinnati Enquirer, while all we've managed to do is piss off both companies, is beyond me. Yet how can one fan, who talks down to others with that recognizable Steelers fan sneer, play the role of victim?

"I just wasn’t going to continue to support an owner who wasn’t supporting me,’’ he says. "I am not going to keep wasting my time on a guy who I feel does not genuinely care about winning.’’

Let's call him what he is. The Carson Palmer of football fans. An assclown. Yet the irony of someone dictating to others about a "real" fan definition, while standing near fifth street looking for an economically good time, is the conclusion of the Jokers' best human study.

So remember Bengals fans. Despite not having a playoff win for 22 years and only three winning seasons, you're not a real fan because at the end of the day, you stick with your team through the winter storms and category five hurricanes. Shame on you.