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QUESTION OF THE DAY: Top Overrated And Underrated Bengals This Season

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Sports Illustrated recently surveyed active NFL players asking who the most overrated players were in the NFL.

Jason Miller

In order to be overrated, one must be perceived as good, or even great, from a significant portion of the fanatics within context of the discuss. That or a secondary drill bit of obsessionism promotes someone far greater than they should be promoted (aka, Tim Tebow). Yet it often occurs to us that any such list is more of a reflection of a player's outgoing personality off the field. Or at the very least, how much they're highlighted compared to the overall work they're doing on the field.

Sports Illustrated surveyed 180 players in the NFL, asking who the most overrated players are today. Don't worry. There's no Bengals on this list.

  1. Tim Tebow, QB, Jets
  2. Mark Sanchez, QB, Jets
  3. Tony Romo, QB, Cowboys
  4. Michael Vick, QB, Eagles
  5. Ray Lewis, LB, Ravens
  6. Reggie Bush, RB, Dolphins
  7. Nnamdi Asomugha, CB, Eagles
  8. Michael Crabtree, WR, 49ers
  9. Tom Brady, QB, Patriots
  10. Ndamukong Suh, DT, Lions
  11. B.J. Raji, DT, Packers
  12. Brian Urlacher, LB, Bears
  13. Phillip Rivers, QB, Chargers
  14. Dwayne Bowe, WR, Chiefs
  15. Eli Manning, QB, Giants
  16. Cam Newton, QB, Panthers
  17. Troy Polamalu, S, Steelers
  18. Darnell Docket, DL, Cardinals
  19. DeAngelo Hall, CB, Redskins
  20. Roddy White, WR, Falcons

If you could write a list of the top-five overrated and underrated players in Cincinnati, who would be in your list?