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Matt Bowen All-22 Tape On Bengals And Steelers

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Matt Bowen takes a look at the Jump Call during a Cover One/Three zone scheme.

Jared Wickerham

Matt Bowen at National Football Post uses A.J. Green's near-touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers as an example describing how one calls the "Jump", during Cover One and Cover Three defensive schemes. It's part of series of posts he runs that breaks down specific plays during games throughout the NFL using the All-22 tape.

During the scheme specific against the Bengals, Steelers free safety Ryan Clark jumps Jermaine Gresham's intermediate route, while backside cornerback Keenan Lewis replaces Clark over the middle. The result is an incomplete after Lewis, in position under A.J. Green, swatted the football away. Without Lewis replacing Clark and Ike Taylor "funneling" Green over the middle, the well-placed through was nearly an easy touchdown before Lewis' arrival.

Regardless it's an interesting read, especially those looking to increase their overall knowledge on general football stuff.