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OPEN THREAD: Week Nine College Football Saturday

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Whether you're a general fan of college football, rooting for your alma mater, or scouting the future of the NFL, there's something for everyone this weekend.


As we pointed out in our week nine football television schedule (in Cincinnati's region), there are four big games scheduled on Saturday.

No. 2 Florida vs No. 10 Georgia (3:30 PM, CBS)
No. 14 Texas Tech at No. 3 Kansas State (3:30 PM, FOX)
No. 5 Notre Dame at No. 8 Oklahoma (8:00 PM, ABC)
No. 11 Mississippi State at No. 1 Alabama (8:30 PM, ESPN)

Ohio State plays a high profile game of teams on probation against Penn State, which puts the rest of the college football weekend in the background. Whether you're a fan of college football, using this weekend to scout future NFL talent or just like hanging out with friends, this is your all-day open thread.