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NFL Pushes Trading Deadline Back 48 Hours With Approaching Hurricane

The National Football League has closed its offices through Tuesday, thus pushing back the trading deadline 48 hours until Thursday at 4 PM (ET).


Earlier this year when the league announced the revised Injured Reserve rules, allowing one player to return after a certain period of time, the National Football League also adjusted the trading deadline. Pushed back from Week Six until after Week Eight, this year's deadline arrives this Tuesday at 4 P.M. Eastern.

Or maybe not.

According to Gregg Rosenthal with, the NFL is considering pushing the deadline back again. This time in response to Hurricane Sandy.

"It is being discussed and we will let the clubs know if a change is made," Aiello said via email.

Multiple teams shut down operations on Monday. The NFL office is also closed and its possible they could remain closed on Tuesday. That could make it tricky to complete the required paperwork if any potential deals are made.

According to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter, the league's offices will remain closed on Tuesday, currently working through the details of delaying the deadline.

UPDATE: NFL Spokesman Greg Aiello tweeted Monday afternoon that the trading deadline has been pushed back 48 hours until 4 PM on Thursday afternoon.

Save for a handful of players being stuck at airports Sunday night due to changing flights for Sandy (everyone made it back by Monday morning), the Cincinnati Bengals are operating as usual with the track for the Hurricane expected to swing north as it approaches Ohio. The region isn't completely out of the woods however, with a cold, windy and wet forecast and a mix of snow.