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Head Coach Marvin Lewis Doesn't See The Cincinnati Bengals Making A Trade

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What will be an unpopular comment, Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis could be referring to the cost and resistance from other teams about trading players they're interested in.

Sam Greenwood

Trade rumors have been circulating about veteran running backs DeAngelo Williams and Stephen Jackson generating a pool of acidic drool, with thoughts that Cincinnati could expand upon their otherwise lethargic rushing offense. Despite the fact that Williams would be a cost-prohibitive version of BenJarvus Green-Ellis, and Jackson could come at the cost of a nine-game rental, it won't stop many from hoping that an injection of proven talent is sparks an already depressing running back roster.

Just don't expect it through a trade.

On Monday Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis told reporters that he doesn't see a trade happening before the trading deadline -- pushed back to Thursday afternoon at 4PM (ET) due to Hurricane Sandy.

Cincinnati's greatest need right now is obviously running back, having already placed Bernard Scott on season-ending IR and Brian Leonard returning from a rib injury that kept him out against Pittsburgh.

According to Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera, the Panthers aren't shopping running back DeAngelo Williams. For what it's worth, Carolina also fired their General Manager Marty Hurney recently, complicating matters. Rivera directed personnel questions to Brandon Beane, the executive "handling personnel duties."

ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter reported Sunday afternoon that the St. Louis Rams have fielded several "trade inquiries about running back Steven Jackson" recently. Schefter points out that the Rams are not "proactively" shopping Jackson, yet they are listening to offers, naming the Green Bay Packers with significant interest due to previous inquiries.

New Orleans Saints running back Chris Ivory, admittedly extremely frustrated being so buried on the team's depth chart, isn't going anywhere according to coach Joe Vitt.