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Bengals DT Pat Sims Has One Week Remaining On PUP

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Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Pat Sims remains on the Physically Unable to Perform list this week with a hamstring and according to Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis, Sims will require a little more time before he starts practicing.

Due to the league rules, Sims is only allowed one more week on the PUP before the Bengals are required to make a decision. Once Sims begins practicing, the Bengals will be granted a three-week exemption, so he won't count against the 53-man roster as he conditions and prepares for the second half of the regular season.

"We’re waiting on Pat to where Pat can help us. He’s being given certain guidelines to do so that he can achieve it quickly. He’s got some time,” (Bengals head coach Marvin) Lewis said.

Lewis indicates that he wants to be absolutely sure that Sims is ready to practice before pulling him off PUP.

If Sims doesn't start practicing next week, he'll remain on the PUP for the remainder of the season.