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BenJarvus Green-Ellis Looking To Remedy Recent Fumble Issues

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In his first four seasons in the NFL, running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis hadn't fumbled once. Through four games with the Bengals, Green-Ellis already has lost two fumbles. He's looking to change that.

Chris Trotman - Getty Images

You knew that it was going to be brought up at some point. And frankly, you knew that the streak would just have to end here. For the first time in his NFL career, Bengals BenJarvus Green-Ellis has lost a fumble. While he's been a relatively solid addition to the club so far, the past two weeks have been quite alarming as Green-Ellis has fumbled three times, losing two of them.

What's especially alarming is that he still has four AFC North divisional games left and a daunting second half of the schedule to get through. The real bummer of it all is that Cincinnati specifically chose Green-Ellis because of his reputation of taking care of the football. Unfortunately, it 's been quite a bit of the opposite.

And "The Law Firm" knows that this aspect has to improve, too. In speaking with the media on Wednesday, Green-Ellis talked about the situation:

"My ball security has been terrible the last few weeks," Green-Ellis said. "I'm making bad decisions. Trying to do too much. I have to make better decisions and let the game come to me. I don't have to leave my feet on the one-yard line," Green-Ellis. "Worst case scenario is we get three out it…Bad decision-making."

How many times have we heard this from a Bengals player before? And, really what more are we to expect Green-Ellis to say? He acknowledges the problem and is likely working hard to correct the issue(s) that are currently plaguing him. The fumble on the one-yard line last week was a real "face-palmer", as that would have iced the game and put it way out of hand. That's the exact kind of situation that Green-Ellis was brought in for and the worst possible outcome occurred.

Hopefully, these tough past couple of weeks have taught Green-Ellis both what to do and what not to do to correct this. Given his New England Patriots background and his past track record of being a solid NFL back, we expect to see this area improve quickly.