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Bengals WR Jordan Shipley Works Out For The Houston Texans

In our veterans of Cincinnati series, a look at how former Bengals are doing outside of Cincinnati, former WR Jordan Shipley is still trying to catch on with another team.


Bengals wide receiver Jordan Shipley turned into one of those tragic figures we mentioned from Cincinnati's 2010 draft class. Crushing AFC rookie receivers in receptions and yards receiving during his rookie season (crushing might be a bit overdone), Shipley appeared as the model slot receiver, finding separation underneath as a shifty receiver, courageous enough to take the massive hit over the middle.

Unfortunately his Bengals career ended quicker than a camera's flash, tearing an ACL and MCL against the Denver Broncos on Week Two during his sophomore season. Briefly catching on with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Shipley largely became cannon fodder for a punt return unit that sorely needed help earlier this year. During three returns against the Dallas Cowboys, he returned one for 10 yards, fair caught another and fumbled the third. That led to his release after only one game.

Since then he's been out of sight, out of mind.

Until Tuesday. Shipley, the former Texas Longhorn, was one of seven receivers to workout for the Houston Texans on Tuesday.

Shipley, Jerrell Jackson, Deon Butler, DeMarco Sampson, Adrian Arrington, Brandon Carswell and Titus Ryan were receivers participating in the regular Tuesday tryout session. The quarterbacks were Stephen McGee and Josh Johnson.

Presumably he left Houston without a contract.