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Presnap Read: Dolphins No. 1 Ranked Rushing Defense Against Bengals No. 13 Ranked Rushing Offense

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There are significant discrepancies between offensive and defensive units between the Miami Dolphins and Cincinnati Bengals.

For example the Miami Dolphins sport the league's top-ranked rushing defense, allowing 56.8 yards rushing per game. Though we often feel obligated to point out that two of the rushing offenses that the Dolphins have faced, are ranked No. 31 (Cardinals) and No. 32 (Raiders) respectively entering Sunday's game -- which includes Arizona's Thursday Night loss to the St. Louis Rams. The others include 24th-ranked New York Jets and the ninth-ranked Houston Texans.

On the other hand the Cincinnati Bengals rushing offense is currently ranked No. 13, averaging 110.0 yards rushing per game. Even worse is the lack of consistency, ball security and explosiveness from the Bengals rushing offense.

We've pointed out earlier this week that the Bengals will be challenged on the ground. And despite all of the team's rushing issues, they still need to keep this offense balanced, even if that means having a similarly unproductive afternoon. Yet if they grab an early lead, the running game will help control the game at Jay Gruden's pace, keeping Miami's 30th-ranked passing defense honest.