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Presnap Read: Cincinnati Bengals No. 24 Ranked Defense Against Miami's No. 5 Rushing Offense

Heading into last weekend's contest against the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Cincinnati Bengals rushing defense was ranked last in the AFC and No. 31 in the NFL, allowing 155.0 yards rushing per game. Yet for the first time this season, the Bengals rushing defense held an opposing offense below 100 yards, dusting Jacksonville's 10th-ranked rushing offense for only 69 yards last weekend.

The performance improved Cincinnati's defensive rushing ranking from No. 31 with a 155.0 yards rushing average, to No. 24 in the NFL allowing 130.8 yards rushing. So let's say that the Bengals are trending upward.

On Sunday the Bengals will take that No. 24 ranking against the Miami Dolphins, currently ranked No. 5 in the NFL, averaging 153.2 yards rushing per game. Four Miami Dolphins running backs have scored at least one touchdown (not including Ryan Tannehill's rushing TD), giving the team seven rushing touchdowns, which ranks No. 2 in the league.

Reggie Bush is the team's rushing leader with 369 yards rushing and a 5.5 yard/rush average. Rookie Lamar Miller, 5.5 yard/rush average on 23 carries, and Daniel Thomas (84 yards and 3.2 yard/rush average) back Bush on the depth chart.