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Bengals Capitalize On Fumble Recovery With Mike Nugent 24-Yard Field Goal

Cincinnati's offensive continued struggling against one of the better defensive teams in the NFL. Following a quick flair to A.J. Green near the left sidelines that picked up two yards, followed by a mistimed connection between the Dalton and Green, the Bengals pick up the first down on a defensive hold following an incomplete to Andrew Hawkins.

Andy Dalton pitches to the right on first down where Bernard Scott hauls in the football, squeezes through the line of scrimmage, shedding tackles (at least three), picking up 29 yards on his biggest play of this young season and the most allowed by the Dolphins rushing offense.

Eventually the Bengals have third and two from the Dolphins 35-yard line where BenJarvus Green-Ellis is stuffed at the line of scrimmage for no-gain. Three third down opportunities, none converted. Dalton faked to Green-Ellis on fourth down and slung the football near the right harshmark where Jermaine Gresham, who cleanly released off the line of scrimmage into a crossing route, catches the football for a 20-yard gain.

One second and five from the Dolphins 10-yard line with 1:54 remaining in the first quarter, Bernard Scott takes the handoff and splits the line of scrimmage for a six-yard gain and the first down.

Following a three-yard loss on first and goal from the Dolphins four-yard line and incomplete pass through the back of the endzone, the Bengals setup third and goal from the seven-yard line. Dalton takes the shotgun snap and nearly completes the touchdown pass to Andrew Hawkins, but deflected by the Dolphins defense.

Mike Nugent converts the 24-yard field goal, taking a 6-0 lead.