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Dolphins Fullbacks Carve Bengals Defense; Take 7-6 Lead

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After a poor Kevin Huber punt of 25 yards (we're not sure if it was grazed or if he just shanked it), Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tennehill delivered on some big throws, but the targets weren't who you figured they would be. Fullbacks and tight ends were Tannehill's go-to receivers on the drive where they employed the no-huddle offense yet again.

Javorskie Lane atoned his fumble with a nice 15-yard reception and William Clay had a huge 25-yard reception on a third and ten to put Miami in the red zone. Running back Daniel Thomas capped the nine-play, 63-yard drive with a touchdown. After Thomas scored, many Bengals defenders were seen breathing hard with their hands on their hips, tired from the Dolphins' no-huddle attack. Hopefully they find a remedy for that attack soon. Dolphins lead 7-6 in the second quarter.