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Andy Dalton And A.J. Green Reduces Miami's Deficit On Two-Yard Touchdown

It began with the Bengals defense, forcing the Dolphins to convert a 53-yard field goal, largely thanks in part to Geno Atkins that forced Miami into a third and 19 situation. The Bengals offense on the other hand, have more work to do to break away from a mundane Sunday afternoon against Miami's impressive defense.

Thankfully the missed field goal gave Cincinnati possession from their own 43-yard line. And Andy Dalton used a combination of A.J. Green and Andrew Hawkins, completing passes of 11, 3, 10, 18 setting up a six-yard scramble on first and ten from Miami's 12-yard line. BenJarvus Green-Ellis violently picked up three yards on second down as the third quarter expired.

Third and and one from the Dolphins three-yard line with the entire fourth quarter remaining during an 11-point deficit. Dalton sneaks the football and converts the first down, at the two-yard line.

Dalton arches the first down football to A.J. Green, how boxed out the defender, hauling in the touchdown to reduce Cincinnati's deficit to four points.