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Cincinnati Bengals Unable To Capitalize On Great Field Position

Can you feel it? I can' feel, momentum shifting for the first time this afternoon. Following a defensive three and out, punt returner Adam Jones fields the put at Cincinnati's 33-yard line, returning it 15 yards to the 48 with 12:38 remaining in the fourth quarter.

Eventually the Bengals setup with third and five from the Dolphins 35-yard line with over 11 minutes remaining in the third. Dalton takes the snap, looks downfield and finds his receivers are well covered. Dalton takes the quarterback sack, losing seven yards and forcing Cincinnati out of field goal range.

Kevin Huber punted the football 39 yards, downed at the three-yard line thanks in part to a great effort by Jeremy Miles, Andrew Hawkins and Taylor Mays. At least we had hoped it was. The play was overturned after Miami challenged the play, concluding that Miles had touched the goalline.