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Andy Dalton Fourth Quarter Interception Gives Dolphins 17-13 Win

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Fortunately for the Cincinnati Bengals, the Miami Dolphins don't quite understand the concept of killing the clock, throwing an incomplete pass and Jovorskie Lane going out of bounds during a third down reception, leaving 1:45 remaining in the game when the Bengals took the field from their own 20-yard line.

Following a Jermaine Gresham tight-rope reception for 13 yards, the Bengals offense played to a similar tune that they've hummed all afternoon. An incomplete to Armon Binns, followed by an offensive hold on Jeff Faine leaves second and 20.

Dalton throw the football deep down the middle of the field, overshooting Andrew Hawkins, where Reshad Jones intercepted the football. The Dolphins take a knee to score the win.