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Reports: Cincinnati Bengals "Fear" ACL Injury With Bernard Scott

Cincinnati Bengals running back Bernard Scott left the stadium on crutches after a knee injury cut his afternoon short against the Miami Dolphins.

Matt Sullivan - Getty Images

Bernard Scott easily had the best run of the afternoon, shooting through the line of scrimmage with 5:56 remaining in the first quarter, and shedding attempted tackles on his way to a 29-yard gain. During the possession he posted 40 yards rushing, which eventually led the team, on five carries. Yet at one point during possession's conclusion which predictably ended with a field goal and 6-0 lead, Scott limped off the field, listed as questionable. He never returned.

By the accounts from beat writers still at the Stadium, Scott left Paul Brown Stadium on crutches and the Bengals fear the worst with an ACL injury. If true then Scott's season ends having only played two games, generating 35 yards rushing on eight carries. Next season is completely up in the air for the fourth-year running back, who will be a free agent after this season.