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Week Five Offensive Snap Breakdown Against The Miami Dolphins

Breaking down the Cincinnati Bengals snap distribution during the team's 17-13 loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

Tyler Barrick - Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals offense took part in 68 snaps Sunday afternoon against the Miami Dolphins with the offensive line, Andy Dalton and tight end Jermaine Gresham participating in 100 percent. Wide receiver A.J. Green missed one play and even Hawkins had 65 percent snap distribution within an offense that played mostly three-wide formation. Chris Pressley only played eight snaps on Sunday, making one believe that if you're having issues with the running game, why don't you play the full back.


Andrew Whitworth Kevin Zeitler Jeff Faine Clint Boling Andre Smith
68/68 68/68 68/68 68/68 68/68
100% 100% 100% 100% 100%


A.J. Green Armon Binns Andrew Hawkins Brandon Tate Marvin Jones Mohamed Sanu
67/68 53/68 44/68 17/68 DNP 3/68
99% 78% 65% 25% 4%


BenJarvus Green-Ellis Chris Pressley Bernard Scott Brian Leonard Cedric Peerman
30/68 8/68 11/68 21/68 0/68
44% 12% 16% 31% 0%


Jermaine Gresham Orson Charles Dennis Roland
68/68 14/68 4/68
100% 21% 4%


Andy Dalton

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