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Week Five Defensive Snap Breakdown Against The Miami Dolphins

Breaking down the Cincinnati Bengals snap distribution during the team's 17-13 loss to the Miami Dolphins.

Matt Sullivan - Getty Images

A couple interesting notes regarding the defensive snap distribution against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. Taylor Mays didn't play a single defensive snap, Jeromy Miles played one and Chris Crocker played three. As a result Nate Clements played mostly all of his snaps at strong safety while Terence Newman didn't rest during a single play. Vontaze Burfict participated during all 66 snaps while Roddrick Muckelroy got on the field for the first time this season on defense; likely during the point when Rey Maualuga pulled himself out of the game.


Michael Johnson Robert Geathers Carlos Dunlap Wallace Gilberry
50/66 43/66 32/66 16/66
76% 65% 48% 24%


Domata Peko Geno Atkins Devon Still Brandon Thompson
55/66 49/66 18/66 DNP
83% 74% 27%


Rey Maualuga Manny Lawson Vinnie Rey Vontaze Burfict Dan Skuta Roddrick Muckelroy
60/66 46/66 7/66 66/66 7/66 3/66
91% 70% 5% 100% 11% 5%


Leon Hall Nate Clements Terence Newman Adam Jones Jason Allen
65/66 64/66 66/66 14/66 DNP
98% 97% 100% 21%


Reggie Nelson Taylor Mays Jeromy Miles Chris Crocker
65/66 0/66 1/66 3/66
98% 2% 5%

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