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Cincy Jungle's Most Valuable Player Award: Week Five

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Every week, we nominate a few players who we felt did the most to contribute to the Bengals' cause. Though the team lost on Sunday, there were still a couple of players who we felt were worthy of an MVP nomination.

Tyler Barrick - Getty Images

Yes, there are still players who can be called a "Most Valuable Player" in a loss. We don't like patting the Bengals on the back after losing a home game that they seemingly should have won, but you can't punish certain individuals for their efforts against Miami. We have a couple of new nominees and one who seems to be a perennial candidate.

Since the defense has finally come to play in the past two weeks, we'll start there. Cornerback Leon Hall returned to the lineup after missing two games with a leg injury and played well. He helped to hold the AFC's leading receiver, Brian Hartline, to only four catches for 59 yards and zero touchdowns. Additionally, Hall had two tackles and a nice pass breakup in the end zone. Though Ryan Tannehill had a solid day with 223 passing yards, it was fullbacks, tight ends and running backs that did the damage--not receivers. The secondary is definitely different with Hall in there.

Staying on defense, lineman Michael Johnson had another good day at the office. He had yet another sack, his fifth on the season and has been a steady force on the NFL's top-ranked sacking defense (tied with Green Bay and Chicago). He's positioned himself for a big contract, as his rookie one expires after this season, so the Bengals have a big decision to make on locking him up.

Still, we have to go with A.J. Green once again. He was the only effective offensive weapon on the day and had the lone Bengals touchdown. Green currently sits as having the fifth most yards in the NFL (fourth on the AFC), as well as fifth in the NFL in receptions with 36 (second in the AFC). He's been the team's unanimous MVP throughout the season and we'll give it to him again here.

Who gets your vote for the Cincy Jungle Week Five MVP award?