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Week Five: Top Five Bengals That Impressed

This week's offensive no-show didn't leave too many options for our weekly list, but the defense picked up the slack and turned in a performance that would've been enough to win most games. Here are five Bengals that stood out in the four-point loss.

Matt Sullivan - Getty Images

5. Bernard Scott - 5 carries for 40 yards

Scott had the Bengals best run of the season; a 29-yarder where he broke 6 (!) tackles and brought a new element to the Bengals poor rushing attack. He eventually hurt his knee and will now miss the season. Before getting hurt, it looked very much like Scott was on his way becoming the Bengals' best running back on the roster.

4. Rey Maualuga - 11 Total tackles

Yes, Rey Maualuga makes this list for the first time all season. He looks like he's in better shape and his knee is feeling better because he showed more than normal athleticism and was very active in the run and pass game. He allowed two catches in man-coverage but he was right on his man in both instances. Rey landed a few knock-out hits that eventually knocked him out for the final drive of the game. He still has a ways to go before we can consider him anything close to a good player, but progress is promising.

3. Adam "Pacman" Jones - 1 tackle

Adam Jones has been great all season; especially in coverage. This week, he didn't allow a single catch and made a huge play on a third down late in the game. The Bengals sent the blitz and "Pacman" was in off-coverage. He saw the hot-route by Bess and broke before Tannehill let go of the pass. Jones laid a huge hit and broke up the pass to get the ball back for the Bengals offense.

2. Andre Smith

Andre Smith had the task of blocking the NFL's most dangerous LDE; Cameron Wake. Andre pretty much held him in check all game. Wake got a sack, but that was while Gresham was blocking him. Andre Smith has developed into a top tier tackle and maybe the best Right Tackle in football.

1. Leon Hall - 2 Total tackles

Leon Hall has only played three games this season after missing most of last season. He had a rough game against the Ravens in week one and then played very well against Cleveland. After sitting out in consecutive weeks, Hall didn't allow a single reception in the Dolphins game and also made some nice plays in the run game. Hall appeared close to 100 percent and that could be huge for the Bengals. With Hall, Pacman and Newman playing so well, this defense has turned it around over the last three weeks.