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ESPN: DeAngelo Williams To The Cincinnati Bengals "Not That Nuts"

ESPN writer Chris Sprow, through Insider, brings up 15 trade ideas. Some that make sense, others rated as completely nuts.

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

It's the NFL trading deadline and despite making a big deal about it -- having created THREE posts this week -- we highly doubt a jaw-dropping trade shifts any dynamics in the NFL. We doubt even more that the Cincinnati Bengals will make a name for themselves with a blockbuster deal, despite needing some help in the secondary and at running back.

But that doesn't stop bored NFL writers from projecting ideal trades that won't happen.

ESPN writer Chris Sprow argues 15 trade deadline ideas, writing that DeAngelo Williams to the Cincinnati Bengals (In$ider) isn't that crazy.

The Bengals have the 10th best run-blocking unit in the NFL and are getting a whopping 3.72 yards per pop from RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis (28th in DVOA). Oh, and the depth chart offers little help. Not only that, the Law Firm has even learned how to fumble. Carolina is free to kick its running back addiction with new leadership in place, and if the Panthers can get anything for Williams and his contract, they should take it. Williams hasn't been great, but is an upgrade in Cincy. The fact is, Carolina can't fix its roster until it removes some of the excess.

We have argued before that the biggest issue would likely be Williams' salary, assuming that if a trade were made that he doesn't restructure a contract with three years remaining after this season -- would you seriously pay this guy $17.25 million over the next three seasons? The draft pick required might not be that significant (maybe mid-round and Mike Brown talks?), depending on the urgency Carolina wants to unload, as Sprow calls, the excess.

Again. We don't expect the Cincinnati Bengals to make any moves this year -- they're open to trades usually during the preseason, but not during the regular season.