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Wide Receivers A.J. Green And Andrew Hawkins Rarely Drop "Catchable" Passes

The Cincinnati Bengals has had their fair struggles this year. Dropped passes from the team's top two receivers isn't one of them.

Chris Trotman

One could argue that the struggling Cincinnati Bengals passing offense is laid directly at Andy Dalton's feet. Arguments are often sound enough; he's the quarterback after all. Yet other arguments center around protection issues, persistently ineffective rushing offense and even drops by wide receivers.

All of those probably apply in some regard or another.

Well, except for drops that is.

Pro Football Focus devised a Drop Rate calculation, dividing drops into total number of "catchable" passes (which obviously doesn't include bad quarterback tosses).

Of the top 20 receivers with the lowest drop rate, the Cincinnati Bengals have two players. Andrew Hawkins has caught 27 of 28 pases, dropping one pass for a rate of 3.57 (eighth-best in the NFL). Of the 46 catchable throws to wide receiver A.J. Green, he's only dropped two passes (13th-best in the NFL) for drop rate of 4.35.

Whatever struggles this passing offense has faced, we know it's not so much Hawkins and Green. But I'm fairly certain you knew that already.