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New York Giants To Use More No-Huddle Offense

During one of her reports on NFL Network's Gameday Morning, Kimberly Jones reports that New York Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride plans to hunt for an explosive component lacking in New York's offense.

One of those "plans" is utilizing (or at least increasing) the no-huddle offense.

Giants quarterback Eli Manning hasn't thrown for a touchdown in two straight, with a total of two scores over the past four games. The last time Manning has thrown multiple touchdowns in the same game was Oct. 7 against the Cleveland Browns.

Additionally Manning has hit the 200-yard passing benchmark once in the past four games.

As we pointed out in our "All You Need To Know" posting Sunday morning, Greg Cosell brings up the possibility of arm fatigue.

"Ron Jaworski and I were having this conversation this week," Cosell said. "I looked at Eli on Monday; Jaws looked at Eli on Wednesday. And he made a very interesting comment. It really struck me, and I would defer to Jaws on this because I’ve never taken snaps in the NFL. … It looks to him like Eli’s arm is a little tired. And that he’s not driving the ball at the intermediate and deeper levels the way we’ve come to expect. Because Eli has a strong arm.

"And we even got that sort of confirmed by someone who’s a lot closer to the situation. His arm’s a little bit tired right now. He’s missed some throws that he would normally make."