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Bengals Take 7-0 Lead On A.J. Green 56-Yard Touchdown

The Cincinnati Bengals opened the game with a quick hitch to A.J. Green near the right sidelines, picking up seven yards to the Bengals 28-yard line. Game on. BenJarvus Green-Ellis received the pitch left, picking up five yards and the first down to Cincinnati's 33-yard line.

Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden thought, well it worked before why not again. Another seven-yard hitch to the right, followed by a powerful Green-Ellis power run up the gut for the first down.

First and ten from the Bengals 44-yard line.

Andy Dalton fakes the handoff, rolls right and launches the football down the right sidelines. A.J. Green, wide open, easily hauls in the football and scores on the 56-yard touchdown reception.

Bengals Take a 7-0 lead.