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Bengals Take 14-0 Lead With Adam Jones Punt Return And Andrew Hawkins Touchdown

The Cincinnati Bengals defense had no issue holding New York's offense to a quick three-and-out, following Cincinnati's game-scoring touchdown to open the game with a seven-point lead. Punter Steve Weatherford punted the football 61 yards, but the Giants were penalized during the punt, forcing New York to punt again. Weatherford crushed it 59 yards anyway.

However the results were vastly different. Instead of the punt going out of bounds, Adam Jones fielded the punt, returning it 68 yards to Giants 11-yard line. Andy Dalton incompletes two passes to Green near the front right pylon, setting up a third ten with 10:59 remaining. Dalton flips the football to Andrew Hawkins on a crossing pattern, hauling in the football with one hand and easily walking into the endzone for the touchdown.

The Bengals take a 14-0 lead with 10:53 remaining in the game.