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Adam Jones' Forced Fumble Stalls New York's RedZone Offense

The New York Giants opened the second half against a vicious Bengals defense, forcing the offense into a three-and-out, largely thanks to a quarterback sack by half of the Bengals defense. Following a Steve Weatherford 68-yard punt, the Bengals offense resumes their day of days from their own 20-yard line.

Yet much like the Giants, forced into a long-down situation thanks to a mistake (in Cincinnati's case, an offensive hold by Jermaine Gresham), the Bengals were unable to recover from a second and 20. Kevin Huber punted the football for the first time on the afternoon with Rueben Randle returning it 14 yards to the Giants 47-yard line.

New York's offense picked it up.

Hakeem Nicks picked up 13 yards over the middle, followed by consecutive runs from Ahmad Bradshaw picking up a combined 13 yards combined, converting a second and one with 10:47 remaining in the third quarter.

And then the Bengals defense PICKED IT UP.

Eli Manning takes the shotgun snap, pitches to Bradshaw to the right where the football is punched out by Adam Jones, recovered by Carlos Dunlap at the Bengals 14-yard line.