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Pat Sims Interception Leads To Jermaine Gresham Touchdown And Bengals 24-6 Lead

With a 17-6 lead and turnover generated during New York's RedZone offense, Cincinnati can really put their foot on the Giants' throat. Unfortunately the Bengals offense was unable to generate any momentum, picking up ten yards on a reception to rookie Mohamed Sanu, but an incomplete on third and four led to Huber's second punt of the afternoon.

New York, with first down from their own 18-yard line, opens the ensuing possession with 7:22 remaining in the third quarter.

It was over before it started.

Geno Atkins threatened Eli Manning to scramble on first down, unwisely throwing the football up into the air where defensive tackle Pat Sims picks off the football for the interception at New York's 15-yard line, gaining three yards on the nimble return.

Eventually the Bengals have third and eight from the Giants 10-yard line with 6:42 remaining in the third. Dalton takes the shotgun snap and identifies Jermaine Gresham over the middle, jumping over the defender for the touchdown.

Bengals take a 24-6 lead with 6:37 remaining.