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First Quarter Snapshot: How The Bengals Took A 14-3 Lead

We're trying something different this week, largely because the game wasn't shown live to the local crowd. We're listing marquee plays that led to Cincinnati's win over the Giants, breaking it down by quarter, starting with the first with subsequent quarters throughout the day.

Andy Lyons


Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green dominated the New York Giants secondary with a handful of hitch routes during Cincinnati's game-opening possession. Eventually miscommunication and a failed assignment in the defensive backfield led to A.J. Green sneaking behind Corey Webster without help over top for an easy 56-yard touchdown, giving the Bengals an early 7-0 lead. Dalton targeted Green on every pass attempt, completing three for 70 yards passing/receiving.


Initially Giants punter Steve Weatherford punted the football out of bounds, but New York was called for a penalty, forced to re-punt the football. Adam Jones hauls in the football, makes two cuts, spins around one tackle, splits through a block and redirects down the left sidelines. Eventually Jones was caught from behind at the Giants 11-yard line.


Two incomplete passes after Jones' 68-yard punt return, the Bengals have third and ten. Hawkins broke out from bunch formation with single-coverage, hauling in the football with one hand...

... and easily waltzing into the endzone, giving Cincinnati a 14-0 lead.

New York did benefit from a fumbled Brandon Tate punt return. Eventually Lawrence Tynes converted a 23-yard field goal, putting New York on the board with 5:38 remaining in the first quarter.