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A.J. Green On Looking Past The Chiefs: "We Lost To Friggin' Cleveland."

Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green is a superstar in Cincinnati and perhaps the No. 1 fan favorite with the Cincinnati Bengals. And if he wasn't before, he's now your favorite player.


Now that the Cincinnati Bengals have beaten an opponent with a winning record for the first time in a calendar year, one can only imagine the confidence and momentum it's generating. Hey. The 3-5 Bengals are now one game from reaching .500 during a season nearly called dead after eight weeks of surgery. And they reached a mediocre milestone of being one game shy from 5-5 with an epic deconstruction of the Super Bowl Champions on Sunday.

Yea. The Bengals should be confident.

But there's a fine line between confidence and overconfidence. How many games during the Marvin Lewis era have the Bengals lost, "playing down to their opponents"?

So it's a plausible and realistic scenario with the Bengals heading out to Kansas City next week, who are 1-7 prior to their Monday Night game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, that the Bengals could face a "trap game" against the Chiefs.

When asked by Adam Schein on XM Radio's NFL Blitz if the Bengals are looking past the Chiefs, A.J. Green said:

"We lost to freakin' Cleveland."

Oh, that's beautiful.

Well said, A.J. Well said. You can listen to the audio of the entire interview here.