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Fourth Quarter Snapshot: And The Victory Formation Makes Rare Appearance

Cincinnati expanded their lead during the third quarter and now were in conservative mode to kill the clock. It was already over and Jay Gruden was in the process of figuring out plays from the victory formation.

Andy Lyons

There really wasn't any reason to believe that the New York Giants had a shot to win by the fourth quarter. Yes. It was that exhilarating to have such a commanding 31-6 lead by the fourth quarter that the Bengals were actually going to be the ones delivering it; and not having it done against them.


With over 14 minutes remaining in the game, the Giants have four and four at Cincinnati's 32-yard line. Eli Manning quickly rips the football down the right sidelines for Hakeem Nicks, who turns around during his vertical. While backpedaling he and Newman, behind the wide receiver, attempt for the football. In fact Newman was instrumental in slowing Nicks down, preventing the pass from being completed, appearing as another poorly thrown pass from Manning. Result: Turnover on downs.


Save for the more uncommon interception, there are few plays a defensive linemen enjoys more than a quarterback sack, forced fumble and fumble recovery, all of which happens on the same play. Maybe sack, forced fumble, fumble recovery and touchdown.

Either way that's exactly what Gilberry did with 10:55 remaining in the fourth quarter.

By this point in the game, Cincinnati's offense had shutdown -- they generated only one first down in the fourth. But it once again stalled whatever comeback that the Giants had envisioned (they really weren't envisioning anything).


With :35 remaining in the game, Andy Dalton steps under center in victory formation, takes the snap and drops to a knee.

Game over.

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