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Pro Football Focus: Cincinnati Bengals Have League's Fifth-Best Offensive Line

Despite starting two rookies and a second-year guard, along with a rising right tackle and the established veteran screwed-out-of-several-Pro-Bowls left tackle, the Cincinnati Bengals offensive line is coming together nicely.

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Though many observers tend to use lazy arguments against them, the Cincinnati Bengals offensive line has been a glimmering showcase during a season filled with a lot of gray. BenJarvus Green-Ellis has been more disappointment, generating the belief that the offensive line is to blame. Alright. Yes we believe that Green-Ellis tends to be more slow-footed, but the collapsing lanes are partially focused on the line's lack of sustaining blocks. How long are you expected to hold off defenders featuring the best football players in the world?

Yet Cincinnati's pass blocking has been stellar. Granted Dalton has been sacked 22 times this year, the pressure against Dalton has been limited and most of his scrambling is often self-induced. Keep in mind that last week against the New York Giants, the Bengals started two rookie offensive linemen and a second-year player who has finally found his footing, forcing an eventual Travelle Wharton question next season. Kevin Zeitler? Exactly what we had hoped for.

Pro Football Focus ranked the best offensive lines in the NFL, using their own grading system, listing the Cincinnati Bengals with the fifth-best offensive line in the league.

There’s no doubting that Andy Dalton struggles under pressure. So it’s massive for the Bengals, vital even, that the line keeps protecting the way it has. It would be nice if the run game could find its on switch. But while they’re better off without Jeff Faine, it remains to be seen how Trevor Robinson handles life as a starting center in the NFL

According to their grading system, Robinson generated a positive run blocking score. If trends were to believed, the offensive line is definitely pointing up.