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IDLE SPECULATION: Jay Gruden A Head Coaching Candidate... In Cincinnati?

It's idle speculation from one respected pro football website, wondering if Jay Gruden, an eventual head coaching candidate for most vacancies, could be in the running in Cincinnati... eventually.

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

It's not uncommon knowledge that Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden could be a head coaching candidate every offseason until he gets a promotion. Currently coaching with a contract that extends through the 2014 season, Gruden would be allowed to leave for a promotion and Cincinnati's front office couldn't do anything about it.

Yet the Friday Blitz on National Football Post asks, could that head coaching opportunity be in Cincinnati?

Many believe Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden will get a head coaching job in 2013. The question some are asking is could it be in Cincinnati? Mike Brown is known for standing by his coaches, but if he is dissatisfied at all with Marvin Lewis, Brown could have an easy transition to Gruden. There also is this school of thought: it could be easier to replace the head coach than to replace the offensive coordinator.

It's idle speculation and since Lewis is also signed through 2014, we don't envision a scenario of Brown ditching Lewis before the contract expires unless something disastrous occurs that affects Brown's bottom line.

That being said even Gruden recognized months ago that he's not ready to become a head coach, electing to sign a three-year extension rather than interview for a head coaching vacancy over the offseason. And with his older brother Jon being hotly rumored as returning next year, it would seem that Jay would have to wait regardless.

Now if Lewis' contract expires in 2014 with Gruden remaining on the staff, then we'll say that anything is possible at that point.