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NFL Experts Overwhelmingly Pick The Cincinnati Bengals Over The Kansas City Chiefs

Yet that won't comfort Bengals fans, who are all too familiar with during games as obvious favorites.

Andy Lyons

You would think that the Cincinnati Bengals would run the table in regards to the picks of NFL experts and analysts facing a 1-8 Kansas City Chiefs team. And for the most part that's true.

Mike Silver, Jason Cole and Les Carpenter at Yahoo! Sports all picked the Bengals, as did the entire NFL roster at Peter King with Sports Illustrated gives Cincinnati a seven-point edge (as did Pete Prisco) while Elliot Harrison with gives Cincinnati eight points. Phil Simms and Cris Collinsworth on Showtime's Inside the NFL picked the Bengals. Guest pickers on picked Cincinnati unanimously.

Yet not everyone was confident in Cincinnati's chances to beat the Chiefs this weekend.

For the most part ESPN picked the Cincinnati Bengals, save for three characters; Adam Schefter, Seth Wickersham, Keyshawn Johnson.