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Playoff Implications For The Cincinnati Bengals In Week 11

The Cincinnati Bengals are far from out of it and if they're able to continue their impressive play from last week, their postseason chances are very much alive.

Andy Lyons

There's still a "control your own destiny" feeling this season.

The Cincinnati Bengals head into Kansas City with a mediocre 4-5 record, one game away from achieving .500 following a postseason-crushing four-game losing streak to close out the first half of the 2012 regular season. A win on Sunday puts Cincinnati at 5-5, the first team out of the playoff picture when this weekend comes to an end.

A Colts loss to the nearly double-digit favorite New England Patriots puts the Bengals one-game behind Indianapolis for a Wild Card. If the Pittsburgh Steelers defeat the Baltimore Ravens in a division rivalry game on Sunday Night Football, the Bengals are two games off the AFC North lead with one game remaining against each team. The Miami Dolphins (4-6), another team fighting for a postseason berth to the Buffalo Bills (4-6), lost on Thursday Night and the 4-5 San Diego Chargers face a hot Denver Broncos team. Tennessee (4-6) is off this weekend.

If the Bengals lose this Sunday, no matter who their opponent is, we've essentially hit the miracle stage of postseason forecasting; meaning everything has to perfectly align, but that's the optimistic of optimistic outlook. In other words, it's just about over.