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Quick Observations Between The Cincinnati Bengals And Kansas City Chiefs

We've had some technical issues with the site today, so we wanted to reset the day with some observations.

The Cincinnati Bengals offense has regressed into their more familiar third down issues, failing to convert a third down through five attempts on Sunday. Additionally Andy Dalton is simply off-target today, either deep or intermediate. Yet the feeling today is that the Cincinnati Bengals offense will do everything they can to keep this game close. Even their touchdown drive earlier required a fake punt and another fourth down conversion, blown coverage against Jermaine Gresham and amazing one-handed grab by A.J. Green.

Defensively Cincinnati is playing strong, though with some help from an otherwise mediocre Chiefs offense. Linebackers are playing fast and strong, with Rey Maualuga making some quick and aggressive shots in the backfield.

With over ten minutes remaining in the second quarter, the Bengals are holding onto a 7-3 lead.